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Dear [ profile] missalonso,
for your birthday I wish you all luck and love on earth! Let this be your special day with lot's of presents and the people you love!

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Habe den neusten Arbeitsplan für nächsten Monat und werde insgesam nur noch 14 Tage in Hattingen arbeiten müssen. Werde das ja wohl hoffentlich überleben...
Anderes Thema: Noch jemand beim Zombiewalk in Düsseldorf am 4.9. dabei? ^____^
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Zweistein Wuppertal
Cute little pub who sells 'dragon sausage' (and other tasty things). And there is great music in the background *nods nods*

Edit: and what was wrong with that link, livejournal!? *kicks*
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Thank you!
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Give me muffins - I have to prevent their world domination!
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I survived my first event with the 501st. *yay*
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Why did I just created an account!?
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haven't forgotten you - me was just too lazy ^^''
Hope you had a nice day with lot of presents ^_____^
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Für das neue Jahr wünsch ich dir nur das Beste: Zufriedenheit, Liebe, Erfolg, bla bla bla...
Allesw nur Bullshit!
Hören wir doch mit dieser Heuchlerei auf!
Ich wünsche dir unglaublich guten Sex, unvergessliche Orgasmen, dass du nur die Hälfte Arbeitest aber das dreifache verdienst, unzählige Nächte der Lust und dass du im Lotto den Millionen-Jackpot knackst!
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I wish all of you a
Happy New Year(s Eve)!!!
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Tut das NIE wieder!
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Just wanted to wish all of you a

Merry Christmas

housands of presents ^____^

and not so much snow *looks outside*

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erst einmal vielen lieben Dank für das Päckchen (ja, ich war zu neugierig, um bis zum 24. zu warten ^^)
Das Sternchen hängt am Drachen und wird am 24. in den Baum gehangen (habe den Kampf bezüglich Weihnachtsbaum ja oder nein(!) verloren)
Und "das rote Etwas" hatte ich für ein Meerschweinchen gehalten ^_________^'

*huggles to the ground*
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Your Color is Blue

You are a calm and content person. You find that the key to life is easy... just be yourself!

You believe in the importance of letting go. You release your anxieties and welcome renewal.

You are a generous person, and you look for the best of people. You promote peace and trust.

You value intellect and experience. Unlike most people, you truly respect your elders.

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I'm 50% LiveJournal!

Middle of the road.
Probably the healthiest place to be.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

I'm off to Gevelsberg* - have a nice weekend *waves off* (I need a bigger backpack °~°)

*only online when duty calls for Thorsten
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Bluetooth is working again *yay*

Your Funky Nail Polish Color is Purple

When it comes to funkiness, you believe a little goes a long way.

You may rock some funky purple fingernails or toenails, but you keep the rest of your look pretty classic.

You are very stylish, and accessorizing is your forte. You can pull out the right sunglasses or hat to complete a look.

You are willing to take risks but only when they seem right to you. And you don't follow the crowd unless you like where they're going.

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but my life is just too great right now ^____________^
Love my 'Teddywok'

will comment to your entrys when I have more time...maybe
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