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Thanks YT -.-
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and a few new CDs:
Within Temptation ~ The Unforgiving
Serenity ~ Death & Legacy
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Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low *sings*
Love that music!!!

and the song from 'SCC'


Jan. 20th, 2011 09:49 pm
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First: I have to apologize myself to my English speaking flist that I write so much in German lately, but right now I can not just think clearly enough to translate everything for you. I hope that I will feel better in a few days:
Potty told me that women need 19 months to overcome a separation. Well, when this is right, I still have 18 months *laughs*
But I don't think that it's why I feel that way right now. I just need a little more vacation than just one or two days.

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Sleep well and have nice dreams!
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A German LARP song ♥

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Backstreet Boys. I'm not a fan anymore, but sometimes I like to listen to their older songs.


Sep. 10th, 2010 10:40 pm
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And this time it's Kamelot!

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Because some of you had problems to sort Simone Simons into a band
[ profile] katzenbeere and [ profile] firestar28  know her because of our RPG ([ profile] kaisa_inkra )

look at her hair ;.; *wants it*
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Tarjas new album is great!
*points at icon* hope they will sing together in the future!

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I would die to see her live!
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I really want to see them live when it is everytime this fun! ^^

The man at 3:52 screams: "You looser!!!"
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Hayley Westenra - Across The Universe Of Time
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... you have to listen to it as well. Lot*s of ^___^

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Cinema in Concert heute Abend auf BR um 22:05 Uhr. Viel Spaß für die, die schauen können. Ich bekomm des net rein ;.;

dafür hüpf ich jetzt wieder in kühle Nass *platsch*

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