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jetzt weiß ich auch, warum ich mich in der Schlange immer so beobachtet gefühlt habe.... Link folgen und nach unten schaun ^___^
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You can find and order the pictures here
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It's in German but I guess you willunderstand it. Just ask, if you want to know something!

Needs a cut )
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Some action figures and some autographs )

Following in a few mins: Star Wars in Concert (12)
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All credits go to Iella!
Pics behind the cut )

And new pictures will follow..... at the end of this weekend ^__^
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Me has a new speaker system ^____________^

A cut! )

All pics

More Pics!

Apr. 8th, 2010 10:16 pm
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This time all pics were taken by [ profile] nebrellek ^____^

Pics by Dash )
All pics can be found here

And more pics will follow tomorrow
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All pictures were taken by me. ^_______^

Cut because of pictures! )

Follow the Link to see all pictures taken from alaxes
Other pics will follow tomorrow!

It's Alive!

Apr. 6th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Hi there! I survived the Jedi-Con and my first day of work today.
First of all: A big THANK YOU to [ profile] novembermond , who was dragon-sitting my cave *gives a great hug*
So, what will you find here in the next days.... weeks: Many, many, many great pictures of the Star Wars in Concerst (okay, not so many) and the Jedi-Con (many, many) A little review of it and a big update in my RPG-livejournals ([ profile] ysanne_iceheart  ^^)
I'll try to comment to your post but that will take a little.
For now: I need SLEEP! Good night!
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The program overview is online! You also can download it here (I really need a printer with duplex... somewhat shitty what I just print out...)

The rock band NOMAD SOUL wrote a special song for the Jedi-Con. You can download it here It's a funny song, but I like it ^___^

Here are the lyrics )
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They have a new convention guest: Matthew Wood
(Supervising Sound Editor / General Grievous)

As Supervising Sound Editor Matthew Wood is currently working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He's also the prominent voice of General Grievous and a lot more ...

Read more here
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Online-Anmeldung ist fertig, Bestätigung habe ich auch *direkt mal ausdruck*
am 5.6. wird dann überwiesen, damit wir auch alle in einer Reihe sitzen *yay*

@firestar28: Hab ich dir damals eigentlich den direkten Link für die Anmeldung mitgeschickt? *alt wird* Naja, hier ist er nochmal Jedi-Con Anmeldung
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The next Jedi-Con will be next year in April *happy Ewok dance*

Important: [ profile] firestar28  - you will come, won't you!?

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Yesterday I searched some pictures from the Jedi-Con '08 and found this link.  Well, what can I say!? Derek, you're lying! ^^' I'm not a 'Beautiful German Girl'! Just a German (Fan-)Girl... add  'silly' ^____^ *hides in a dark corner*

Well, I have a very funny picture of him... maybe I will send him this pic.... just maybe ^.~

Something else: What do you think about this new banner at [profile] shalla_nelprin? I was playing arround with PhotoImpact and... as you can see *points to the icon* I love AT-ATs ^__________^ Like I said: Silly!
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Die DVD ist endlich gekommen *happy dance* Und sie ist cool, nur irgendwie sind die Star Panels nicht wirklich drauf.... ein paar Sekunden werden Ausschnitte gezeigt, aber dann noch nicht einmal von allen *blöd guck* Muss gleich mal im Forum nachschaun, ob jemand dazu was zu sagen hat ^^ Aber ansonsten ist die Aufmachung gut gelungen.
Aber das beste ist natürlich die schon fast berühmte "VIER!" von Chris ^______^

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One link to some great photos!
Thanks to Judith for the link and for asking ^.~

Follow the link please ^^
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Never miss R2!

Jeremy talks a bit about Robin of Sherwood

Another vid of Jeremy

It's time to fight!

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Sorry - it's German -.-'
Eines vorweg: Die Räumlichkeiten des Hotels wurden nach den bekanntesten Planeten aus der Star Wars Saga benannt.

Con-Programm für Freitag, 21.3.08 )
Samstag, 22.3.08 )
Sonntag, 23.3.08 )
English version will follow....uhm...later!?
You look that stupid after three days of pure fun ^___^ )
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All pictures made by Iella!

Cute little Ewok - and evil! He punched me with his spear -.-'


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Edit: Autograph from Steve Sansweet on the action figures of Wedge Antilles, Ten Numb and Arvel Crynyd (the one who crashes the A-wing into the Stardestroyer in episode VI)
My autographs ^_____^

Sweetheart Derek ^^ He didn't have much to say during Episode IV but he was so great *oxxxxxo*

Mike ^^ He was so cute. If you know the movie "Dark Crystal" (Der dunkle Kristall) - he was in there as well.

Daniel Logan knows how to give the right autographs... using the whole photo. And I just tld Iella to use that pic again when we have the chance to meet 'Jango Fett' ^___^

I'm very proud of this one! *Beware the Force* - I will ^____^

 The autograph of Steve Sansweet will follow later - I'm off to work know *waves*

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