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there will be a new novel from Ceclia Ahern in October *happy dance*
The Tme of My Life
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You Are a Fantasy Book

You can't help but see the world as how you want it to be. You are an idealist.

You don't put bounds or limitations on your thoughts. You are a down to earth daydreamer.

You can picture whole other worlds and lives. You have a very vivid imagination.

You're the type of person who would like to believe anything is possible. You believe there's so much more to this world than what we see.

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There will be a new 'X-wing Wraith Squadron' novel summer next year written by Aaron Allston *yay and happy ewok dance*
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and because I was surprosed by the number of the book, here is a little list with SGA novels, who have been published yet:

The Novels )

And for those who are interested: There is also a SG-U novel published: 01 Air

Source: Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe Novels
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You Are a Hardcover Book

When it comes to reading, you tend to stick to old and modern classics. You are picky about what you read.

You probably anticipate certain books' releases, and you snatch them up the moment they're available.

You have been building a library of books that mean a lot to you. You carefully consider every book before deciding to add it to your collection.

You believe that if a book is worth reading, it's worth paying more to have it in hardcover.

Something else: Phoned with my mother this morning. She said, that I got post from Stuttgart. Guess that's something from you, [ profile] firestar28!? Thank you very much *huggles*
Try to get to Solingen tomorrow....
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You can't ask me something like that ^^

'The Book of Tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern was a great book as well as the German book 'Hühnersüppchen für die Seele' which was a present from [ profile] energetic_red 

'Mara und der Feuerbringer' by Tommy Krappweis was brilliant and I can't wait to read the second book!
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*grumble on*

Having trouble with my new mobile... again! using my olg one for today. Sadly most of the phone numbers are missing, but I have a sheet of paper somewhere with all numbers (I hope so!) If not, you will hear a scream all over the world °~°

Something else: Finished 'The Gift' this night/morning/whatever you will call it ^^' Cecelia: you are a bad girl! Making me cry again ^__^'

*sights* Don't want to see my gynecologist. He wants only my blood again...

*grumble off*

Thank you for your attention ^___^
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Got my new mobile phone today and... it's great, but nothings really working here. Bluetooth's not working, so no great ringtones for waking up, no good picture for the display ;.;
But I still have most of the tones and pics on my pc.... so, please pc let Bluetooth work -.-

Something better now:
Finally I got the book from Tommy Krappweis *yay*

aaaaaand.... who was the one who told that small people can't wear a Stromtrooper armor. Of course we can!
Do not wonder why the helmet is missing. It was already back on the cabinet. ^^'

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+ Reply to this post (specifically saying you wish to play) and I will pick six of your icons.
+ Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.

[ profile] vexena_sky gave me following icons

Icons under the cut )
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ab 1:30 - in meiner kleinen verdrehten Welt auch ^^
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With the wisdom of Soontir Fel *points @ icon* I changed the header again. I just couldn't see the Death Trooper every day (still don't like it!!!)
'Sadly' my mother speaks to me again...I'm sure she wants me to do anything after work tomorrow °~° *
Still no new Wolfgang Hohlbein book ;.;
I'm ill... have a cold -.-' *drinks hot tea*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
*Edit: I hate it, when I'm right -.-


Oct. 7th, 2010 11:17 pm
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- Ich sehe noch immer nur T-Konten vor meinen Augen °~°
- [ profile] wir_lesen  ist wieder m eine Buchvorstellung reicher. Hoffe sehr, dass Amazon mit dem morgigen Erscheinungsdatum Recht hatte bei CdU 11... wehe wenn nicht! Dann krabbel ich doch bei meiner Kollegin in den Koffer und fahr mit zur Buchmesse ^___^
- Nach langer Zeit habe ich mal wieder das Bedürfniss eine FF zu schreiben... lang, lang ist's her (gefühlte 100 Jahre oder so)
- ich hab immer noch Halsschmerzen... ich glaub, ich werd krank °~°
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Star Wars - Fate of the Jedi 4... I have to wait until February for the paperback edition!? Had I known this before, I would have read the books in German *args*

Time for a 'new' Hohlbein: Horus!

I report:

Aug. 24th, 2010 08:51 pm
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Star-Wars-book-shelf is overloaded!
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The German edition of the Genius series (Evil Genius, Genius Squad and now The Genius Wars) by Catherine Jinks is now available *happy dance*
Unfortunately the edge of the pages aren't black anymore... looks a bit strange...
*waves off reading*
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Weil ich heute bestimmt von Schultüten und absturzenden Kassen träumen werde und dadurch morgen wahrscheinlich nicht ansprechbar sein werde und ich auch ehrlich gesagt keine Lust mehr habe, noch die letzten paar Tage durchzuhaten und endlich wieder was anderes posten möchte, kommt hier nun der (letzte) Rest! *nicknick*

Und alles findet ihr hier unter diesem Cut! )
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Tag 27 – Ein Buch, dessen Hauptperson dein „Ideal“ ist
nix Plan... *grübel*
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Tag 26 – Ein Buch, aus dem du deinen Kindern vorlesen würdest
Kinder!? Geh mir weg damit!!!
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Tag 25 – Ein Buch, bei dem die Hauptperson dich ziemlich gut beschreibt
*grübel* ... *noch mehr grübel* ... keine Ahnung. Habt ihr vielleicht eine Idee?

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